The Houston Hawks Baseball Club

The Houston Hawks started their eleventh season in the fall of 2020 as a new 10u team with an eye on the future.  We had a rough initial spring 2021 season record wise, but priceless as a learning, growing, and developing season.  We have now turned ourselves from that metro team to an emerging elite/AAA 12u team with a bright future.  The fall 2022 season solidified our skills and we are now looking forward to the growth of the Spring 2023  12u season playing almost all AAA tournaments before playing this summer in a Ripken Tournament in Aberdeen, MD!


We hope to be a group of kids and parents that would like to stay together until the spring of 2025. We are not looking for team hoppers who look for the next best thing. Too many times we have seen kids who jump teams to try and make the highest level or best team that they can and then end up not improving because they get different coaching every year or six months, basically starting over every season.  We will win baseball games and we will coach winning teams, but we want to do it by having our kids improve every day and making the team better that way - not by picking up better kids and getting rid of the bottom kids every season. Kids and parents know that once they make the team, they are on the team forever or until they decide that they no longer want to play with us.  Once they make the team, we will not cut kids because we found someone better.


The Hawks are coached by a teacher in Klein ISD who has been coaching select baseball in Houston for sixteen years.  He has coached three groups of players from metro to 14U elite over that time. The first group was from 2006 - 2009,  This group put seven players on high school teams and had two play four years in college and one spend parts of two seasons in the Mexican League. The second group was from 2010 until the spring of 2015. Eleven of our players from that team made their high school team and two of them are playing college baseball.  The third group started high school in the fall of 2020 and had 25 of 28 players that spent at least a year with us make their high school team.  The Hawks are the only team that he coaches and he will move up with them every year until the end of eighth grade.